Shocking! I Also Read Gillian Flynn’s ‘Sharp Objects’

I’ve been on a Gillian Flynn kick this year. Why has she only written three books??!?

Sharp Objects, Flynn’s first novel and the last of the three I’ve read, is an interesting and unique little tale about a reporter who returns to her hick town of a home to investigate a possible serial killer. Consistent with both Dark Places and Gone Girl, the book features a severely flawed protagonist and a series of unlikable or ugly supporting characters, but also fabulous wording and detail.

Nonetheless, the book does represent a pre-hit-her-stride Flynn; She gets lost in her writing, opting for too much detail and colorful prose at times, the narrative harder to follow as a result. Much of these flaws work themselves out by the midway point, however; once the various chess pieces Flynn has put into play begin to click together, and you begin to realize just exactly where she is taking you, the story and writing gels and the book kicks into high gear.

Flynn has found a niche by writing murder mysteries that are more personal, disturbed and colorful than your typical mystery fare. Sharp Objects may be the least refined of her three novels, but it is still an entertaining read.

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