The One Thing I Didn’t Account For When Self-Publishing My Book

My first book, The Trojan Conspiracy, was released on July 15. I self published.  Why? Because online marketing is my background, and I knew I could execute the marketing plan I had assembled. Why go through a middle man when you can do it yourself, right?

One thing I didn’t take into account: time.

If I were to quit my job or get fired or laid off, I am confident I could truly execute the marketing plan I assembled to make The Trojan Conspiracy a true success.  But I’m not going to quit my job. And I have no intention of getting fired or laid off. Combined with the fact that I run and on average watch 27 movies per week (a slight exaggeration), I have no time.

The book has been a mild success so far, but is it a New York Times bestseller?

Not yet.  🙂

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