Forget ‘Gone Girl’. Gillian Flynn’s Best Book is ‘Dark Places’.

Forget Gone Girl. Author Gillian Flynn’s best book to date is Dark Places, a disturbing and captivating mystery full of gray characters and gray truths.

Switching between modern times and one fateful day in the 1980s where screwed-up protagonist Libby Day’s mother and two sisters are brutally murdered by her brother, Dark Places seamlessly unravels a multilayered mystery that relies heavily on the notion that the truth is malleable based on circumstances and perspective. Just because someone sees and believes something doesn’t mean they know and understand what they saw.

As entertaining as Gone Girl was, Dark Places is just as much a page turner, if not more so. Like Gone Girl, the protagonist is hardly an angel, and like Gone Girl, the book offers more than one 90-degree turns and twists that hit like a bag of bricks.

Unlike Gone Girl, the ending to Dark Places is not terrible.

Meaning, the ending is actually quite good and won’t leave you pissed off.

Dark Places is one of the most satisfying reads I’ve had all year; definitely recommended. A movie starring Charlize Theron is currently in development.

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